Join the Tableau DataFam in Munich!

Welcome to the next meeting of our Tableau User Group Munich

When should you kill a dashboard, that is no longer being used? In this session we will dive into Tableau server logs to keep track of our dashboards and that will help us decide, when to kill a dashboard. Our special guest Rudolf Hattenkofer from Sell and Pick introduces his Dashboard Housekeeping :).

What else can you expect at our TUG Munich meeting?

Join our user group meeting with exciting presentations, discussions and exchanges with other users. During our tips & tricks session with Julia, we'll introduce you to click savers, i.e. helpful shortcuts. And in "Show me your Viz", other participants will present their own visualizations and get open feedback and suggestions from the user group.

We'll meet on Tuesday, 25.04.2023 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Salesforce office in Munich (Erika-Mann-Straße 31, 80636 München) to have a joint lunch afterwards until around 2. p.m.

Our agenda

  • 10:00 Welcome Back!
  • 10:15 Server Logs: Rudi from Sell and Pick introduces the company's concept on Dashboard Housekeeping and how they keep up with dead Dashboards by using Tableau Server Logs
  • 11:15 Coffee Break and Networking
  • 11:45 What's New and where does it lead to? Our host Tableau (Salesforce) gives us a peek into their roadmap and gives us some updates directly from the source!
  • 12:15 Show me your viz!
  • 12:45 What's Next?
  • 13:00 Lunch

Please note: The presentations and exchanges will be in English. Click here for further informations and to register for free.

Our leaders of the Tableau User Group Munich:

Ahmad El-Choura, Account Manager

Ahmad El-Choura Account Manager

Ahmad is responsible for all clients and quickly developed a passion for data analytics & visualisation, as he already enjoyed working with data during his studies. He organises the Tableau User Group in the Munich area to bring together the many Tableau users. In this way, he wants to create added value for each individual participant. Ahmad studied Information & Electrical Engineering at the University for Applied Sciences in Hamburg.

Julia Büchting, Data Artist und Senior Consultant

Julia Büchting Data Artist

Julia is a data artist who designs, implements and revises BI dashboards. She is a trained artist and uses her creative skills in front-end design to make complex information easy to understand. Julia serves clients in the banking, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. Besides building dashboards, she gives Tableau trainings, Tableau coaching sessions and workshops on layout and colour choices in BI dashboards.