Course set for continuous growth

At Woodmark Consulting AG, all signs point to growth - financially, personally and spatially. Despite Corona, the company looks confidently into the future and expects rising revenues in 2021. In order to accommodate the growing team, new offices were being opened in Frankfurt as well as in Berlin and the presence expanded to a total of four locations.

The new coworking office in the capital is part of the MotionLab, which houses the largest machine park for prototyping in Berlin. The location with MakerSpace and start-up flair offers the employees an extraordinary atmosphere with plenty of space for creative ideas and exchange.

Rainer Unsöld - Board of Directors

The new capital office is an absolute highlight! With open work areas, light-flooded meeting rooms and a view of the impressive site, we are offering a modern and attractive work environment for our growing team, "says Rainer Unsöld, CEO of Woodmark Consulting AG, happily.

The approximately 100 employees of Woodmark live all over Germany. The pandemic has shown that customers in the consulting industry can also be looked after very professionally and successfully from the home office. The resulting reduction in travel activity creates additional time for the consultants - both professionally for customer care and privately for leisure activities.

Vincent Fourmi - Board of Directors

Not all of our colleagues can or want to work from home. Personal exchange is also very important to us”, explains Vincent Fourmi, member of the board. "We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer attractive office space in Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin to our growing team," continues Fourmi.

Über Uns

Die Woodmark Consulting AG ist Experte in den Bereich AI, Big Data & Analytics und hilft Kunden dabei, enorme Datenmengen effizient zu verarbeiten. Dabei setzt Woodmark auf die modernsten Tools und Methoden im Bereich Business Intelligence, Data Management und Artifical Intelligence. Darüber hinaus unterstützt Woodmark Kunden im Bereich IT-Architektur, bei der Rollen- und Prozessoptimierung sowie bei der Software- und Technologieauswahl.


Woodmark office Berlin

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