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| from Sabrina Schuck

Tips and techniques for dashboard development on mobile devices

Unlocking the power of mobile Dashboards! In this post, Sabrina tells you that dashboard development requires a rethink of structure, design and content.

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| from Luu Do

Demystifying Databricks Delta Lake (Format)

Luu introduces the Databricks Delta format and its components. He briefly compares the Apache Parquet format with the Delta format, depicts the transaction log and briefly highlights the key features of Delta and underlines these features with examples.

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| from Patricia Bobe

Tableau in Standard Reporting: A Deployment-Process about Rest API via Python

Patricia explains us how Tableau can be used for Standard Reporting and whether an automatic Deployment Process is worthwhile.

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| from Julia Büchting

5 Layout Tips for Business Intelligence Dashboards

You can implement these 5 easy Tips directly in your work with different tools . Our colleague Julia has developed these Tips while working as a Data Artist. These Tips also reflect her experience from her arts studies and work as an artist...



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| from Niklas Kühn

Citizen Data-Science using the Alteryx Intelligence Suite

In this article, we will show you how to perform a fully comprehensive classification analysis with the Alteryx Intelligence Suite without in-depth programming knowledge.

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