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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence describes all digital systems that are based on people in their behavior. The focus is on one main task and not on human behavior as a whole. We call it an AI system if, analogous to humans, it can perceive reality, evaluate options, make decisions and trigger meaningful actions.


We support the implementation of solutions for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive and Predictive Analytics with modern know-how:

  • Statistical or quantitative analysis to analyze past events
  • Discovery of new patterns and relationships using the latest analysis methods
  • Application of machine learning (ML) methods, computer vision, natural language processing
Topics - Artificial Intelligence AI, Machine Learning ML


Tools that we use in this context include R, Spark, Microsoft AI Lab and Microsoft Azure ML Studio. We not only extract knowledge from your data, but also support you in the selection, construction and operation of solutions in order to maximize benefits.

Our services in the field of AI & machine learning

Our consultants support the design and implementation of use cases for data science and data analytics. These include:

  • Testing of data science use cases (proof of concepts)
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Development of key figures (KPI)
  • Model training and model education
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Text mining (topic extraction, sentiment, etc.)
  • Data mining (predictive maintenance, cash flow prediction, churn prediction)
  • Machine Learning (image recognition and image processing, document analysis, chatbots)
  • Natural language processing (text to speech, speech to text)
  • Deep learning
  • Development and operation of advanced analytics solutions based on analytics tools that support and automate decision-making processes
  • Efficiency improvement by optimizing the performance of machine learning models (parallelization)
  • Exploratory analysis of the data and presentation of business insights
  • Using analytics as a service and discussing models
  • Selection of models and comparison of different processes, for example Random Forests and Deep Neural Networks
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