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The Basis for Your Analyses: Data Preparation

Studies and user surveys show time and again that data quality and master data management are crucial for any data initiative. For sound data management that prioritizes good data quality and master data management, comprehensive data preparation (”data prep”) is essential.

Data Prep approach

Data Prep includes the steps of data integration and cleansing. To enable later data analysis, data must be cleaned, tidied, and sorted. Duplicates would need to be removed and erroneous data deleted. Data Prep also includes profiling data, data integration, data management and preparing data for analytics.

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The path to a data-driven enterprise

Whether you call it data wrangling, data blending or data preparation, it is an essential step on the way to become a data-driven enterprise.

The experts at Woodmark Consulting have in-depth knowledge of data preparation tools such as Alteryx Designer and Tableau Prep and can help you implement self-service data preparation in your business.

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