Data Engineering, Integration & Transformation

Data engineering describes data integration in databases, data warehouses and data lakes. Its core disicipline is ETL (Extract Data, Transform Data, Load Data).

Our data engineering experts help designing, implementing and configuring data architectures and databases. Our offer also includes data integration in databases, data warehouses and data lakes.

Simplify and accelerate your integration processes with the new possibilities of data management to implement a central and maintainable data architecture.

Do you already have data architectures and want to incorporate the specific know-how of your technical experts?

With data preparation tools such as Alteryx Designer and Tableau Prep, we enable departments to implement specific and innovative use cases. Like this we can establish new types of lab structures that provide data scientists and domain experts with a point of contact to create innovative added value and solutions.

Our services for data engineering

  • Data preparation & self-service data preparation in departments
  • Data lab setup and data prep flows for data scientists and domain experts
  • Data engineering in the context of complex analytics architectures (data lake, DWH)
  • Data engineering in data science use cases
  • Data engineering in sensor data processing
Services for data engineering
Jens Schnettler, Senior Manager

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