Data governance, data quality & data lineage

Data Governance

Data governance

Woodmark experts have been successfully supporting data governance projects for many years. We develop a sustainable data governance strategy to manage complex data landscapes efficiently, effectively and in compliance with laws and regulations. Based on that, we develop master and meta data management solutions so that you can implement your strategy effortlessly and successfully - Data security and compliance with the EU GDPR are guaranteed.

Data quality

The consultants at Woodmark place the highest value on data quality. Whether for test data management or for directly business-critical payment data, we recognize data anomalies and errors thanks to the most modern tools and processes and correct the incorrect data. Data integrity is always guaranteed so that incorrect data does not endanger your business success.


Data lineage

EU GDPR and many other regulations are intended to ensure data protection and data security. This also includes the traceability of data: Where did it originate, which systems did it pass through, which units are involved in processing? Woodmark assists in developing and implementing data lineage concepts that make your data history traceable. Transparency is not only required by the legislator, it is also a central requirement for using your data as an asset.

GDPR / Data protection

Woodmark Consulting supports the handling, processing and storage of particularly sensitive data. We advise on the most suitable method of data protection, from data encryption, data anonymization to pseudonymization, in order to prevent any kind of unauthorized access or misuse.

Our services for data governance

  • Data governance all aspects of the GDPR
  • Data Lineage - traceability from the source to the annual report
  • Data Quality - Check your data quality and clean up data anomalies
  • Data Security & Protection - data encryption, data anonymization, pseudonymization
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