Data Strategy, Culture & Organization

Woodmark helps to develop a company-wide data strategy and a sustainable data culture.

Data strategy

Basis for any data & analytics initiative should be an underlying data strategy. Together with our customers, we develop a sustainable data and business intelligence (BI) strategy. We derive the strategy from our customers’ business model and focus on data as an asset ("data as an asset"). In addition, we offer data culture workshops for self-service BI and more. We help monetize your data!

Organization of structures and processes

Based on a thorough requirements analysis, we help to design structures and processes of the data and BI ecosystem. This can be in the form of a Data Analytics Competence Center, BICC (BI Competence Center) or a BI Shared Service Center.


Data platform

Data is becoming an integral part of value creation. But if you want to sell data as part of your business model, you need a reliable data platform. We help in setting up this platform, including the associated processes and roles, so that you can use your data profitably and monetize its value.

BI audits and innovation management

We analyze your data environment and determine potential uses of data and BI innovations as well as development and introduction of customer-specific agile procedures for BI projects. As a neutral consultant, we audit and evaluate your BI system including processes, architecture and performance systematically.

Our services for data strategy:

  • Data strategy to monetize your data
  • "Data as an asset" approach based on a data platform
  • Establishing data competency, so-called "data literacy"
  • Transformation towards a data-driven company


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Topics - Data Strategy, Culture & Organization
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