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IoT Analytics

Woodmark has proven expertise in the digitization of companies in the sense of "Industry 4.0" - in setting up a smart factory or developing "digital twins" for your products. Production and product life cycles can be analyzed and optimized in detail. We use predictive maintenance to reduce or eliminate downtimes and AI and machine learning to optimize product design.

Our focus is on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), i.e. manufacturing companies that want to implement smart and networked production as an intelligent factory in assembly using robotics.

The different production machines that are used for additive manufacturing or 3D printing provide a lot of valuable data. These are available in different formats, which through homogenization and transformation provide detailed information for process monitoring and control as well as improvement of product quality.

They also form the basis of the digital image of the product being produced, i.e. of the digital twin. Machine learning and algorithms optimize the products and increase quality and production capacity.

We consult companies on “extreme automation” so that they can use data through real-time analytics to optimize processes using connected devices and various industrial robots, thereby creating competitive advantages.

As a partner of Sigfox, the leading IoT services provider and HERE, the global provider of geospatial data, Woodmark has extensive expertise in the areas of predictive maintenance, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create real added value from your data.

Woodmark services:

  • Sensor data acquisition and persistence in the manufacturing process
  • Collecting crowd data in the cloud and on premise
  • Advanced analytics in streaming or batch
  • Design and training of machine learning models
  • Implementation of PoC in the data lab
  • Visualization of analyzes and sensor data for your business process
  • Productive connection of solutions to your business process, including sensor chains for your smart factory
  • Maintenance and further development of IoT solutions in the DevOps process
  • Software licensing and authorization management in the IoT

Different tools such as Kafka, MQTT, Spark, Flink and R are used.

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