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Self-Service Data Preparation without Coding

Surveys show that business users of data analytics spend only one-third of their time on the actual analysis of business-critical data. Two-thirds are taken up by data retrieval and preparation, sometimes with IT support.

Alteryx Designer solves this by letting users perform data preparation and data blending themselves via drag & drop, without any coding and in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to integrated data preparation users can implement use cases quickly and easily by themselves. Automated and intuitive workflows allow users to focus generating new insights.

Your company benefits from result-oriented and valuable data analytics.

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Connection of internal and external data sources

By enriching your use cases with additional data, new insights and business models are revealed. Alteryx's Data Connector makes it easy to connect to almost any internal and external data source in a snap.

The Data Connector includes data import and data identification.

Tap into demographic, geographic, and firmographic data from on-premises databases, the cloud, and numerous other sources such as open data, social media, and external data providers. Users have a variety of different data sources available for further preparation and integration. New use cases are quickly implemented and analytics capacities in the company are increased.

Data quality

Data quality remains one of the most important topics for data analytics. The data preparation and automation functions provided by Alteryx Designer increase enterprise-wide data quality. This is done through easy integration of Master Data Management and fast enrichments via custom mappings and fuzzy logics.

Alteryx Designer for Geo Analytics

Geospatial data enriches existing enterprise data in a variety of ways, giving it a significant edge over market peers. By incorporating geospatial data into your inventory of structured enterprise data, you derive value from geographic analytics and enable detailed map visualizations.

There are many potential use cases. One cross-industry use case, for example, is sales and marketing optimization.

Alteryx provides powerful mapping and geospatial capabilities that enable geo analytics and the analysis of spatial data. Integrate prebuilt geo data or external spatial data for intuitive geo analytics. Extend your analyses to include trade and catchment areas, calculations of travel time and logistics routes using comprehensive location intelligence. Alteryx includes integrated maps from MapBox, DigitalGlobe and TomTom, among others.

Integrating demographic data: Open Data

There are many freely available Open Data sources as well as commercial providers of competitive and market data that can be used to enrich enterprise data. For example, since weather has been shown to influence people's buying behavior, incorporating weather data into sales forecasting is relevant for certain industries.

Demographic data is also essential for profitability analyses of existing locations and stores and white spot analyses for identifying suitable new locations. With Alteryx Designer, you can quickly and easily incorporate this data for your evaluations and further statistical analyses, thus gaining a holistic view of geographical relationships.


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