Alteryx Intelligence Suite for Citizen Data Science

Self-Service Data Science with Alteryx Intelligence Suite

Data Scientists are hard to find in the job market. Fortunately, new data science tools like Alteryx Intelligence Suite offer broad self-service capabilities for everyone.

In the spirit of a "Citizen Data Scientist", employees are empowered to perform wizard-driven statistical analyses on their own. They benefit from low-code/no-code data science and faster text mining and natural language processing (NLP).

Self-service data science for everyone: Thanks to Alteryx's integrated data preparation and data quality assurance during model creation, you do not need any other tools and can focus entirely on modeling and insight generation. Create machine learning models in a fully assisted modeling experience with just a few clicks.

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Text Mining und Natural Language Processing

Alteryx enables you to embed unstructured text data into data analytics. Perform integrated text analysis and text mining from documents and PDFs with automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Utilizing simple visual text mining without code, uncover themes, sentiments (moods), and more in texts and enrich your structured data assets with new insights.

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