AWS Data-Driven Everything (D2E) is the path to the data-driven company

AWS Partner - D2E

The D2E programme helps you to use data effectively

The basic idea behind the D2E methodology is to turn a challenge or an idea into a working solution (Minimum Viable Product, MVP) that adds value and supports your organisation in both decision-making and business operations. By capturing, storing, processing and analysing real-time and mass data, new insights can be gained and productivity increased at the touch of a button. In this way, the more successful business projects can be prioritised. The use of AI and machine learning ensures success by predicting future developments.

You may ask yourself:

  • How can our data help to grow our business?
  • How do we get more accurate information about our supply chain?
  • How can our data help us drive innovation?
  • How do we know if our sales efforts have been successful?
  • How do customers react to our newly launched product?
  • How can our data help our company better weather times of crisis?
  • How can our data be useful in different areas such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction?

From these possible questions or even from an idea, we go into the process of the D2E workshop with you.

The D2E Workshop: The four steps to success

Starting point: The feasibility of the intended solution has already been examined and positively confirmed in advance, for example through a "Proof of Concept" (PoC).

D2E Workshop Step 1: Preparation


  • In the first step, we prepare the workshop together with your company and consider which use case has the most potential.

D2E Workshop Step 2: Workshop
  • A professional and a technically certified D2E expert will guide you through the multi-day workshop. We use the "working backwards method". This means that we break down a complex problem-solving task. We go backwards from the desired outcome step by step to get to the goal. The method helps not to lose sight of the desired outcome and to develop effective strategies.

D2E Workshop Step 3: Follow-up


  • At the end of the workshop, you will receive a comprehensive readout from our Woodmark experts in which we summarise the results of the workshop. We describe the solution for your individual use case.

D2E Workshop Step 4: Solution with core function
  • Based on the readout, we develop a solution for you that has all the necessary core functions and is fully executable. For this solution with the minimum resources, we speak of the "Minimum Viable Product (MVP)", with which we examine whether it actually offers the desired benefit. Based on the feedback of the first users, we continuously improve the solution to adapt it more and more to the customer's needs.


Our certifications confirm our expertise and standards in the cloud-based environment. We maintain a close partnership with AWS. Our cooperation is characterised by a permanently high quality standard.


AWS Solutions Architect Professional

The Solutions Architect certification documents our expertise in developing architectures and solutions for complex requirements in the cloud.

AWS Data Analytics Specialty

The AWS Data Analytics Specialty certification demonstrates our knowledge of technologies such as Amazon EMR, Redshift and Kinesis that enable organisations to process large amounts of data.

Stefan Schegg, Senior Manager
Stefan Schegg | Senior Manager