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AWS Serverless Computing Service

Serverless architectures are one of the biggest changes in the architecture of high-performance software solutions. If the systems are designed correctly, the effort for scaling, load distribution and infrastructure availability is completely outsourced to the cloud.

AWS Lambda is the service that provides all these features and is available in the cloud at the touch of a button. The code can be executed in various programming languages without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Development can concentrate entirely on developing the actual business logic of the application.


The advantages of AWS Lambda

  • Serverless architecture: Don't waste time designing and setting up infrastructure in the cloud. With AWS Lambda, the cloud takes care of the infrastructure itself.
  • Cost savings: As the cloud service is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, there are no unused server resources. You only pay for code that is actually executed.
  • Scalability: Forget about load balancing and resource bottlenecks. AWS Lambda scales automatically to be able to process all requests even at high utilisation.
  • Security: Your data is safe in AWS Lambda. Communication can be encrypted in the private cloud without internet access.
  • Fast deployment: Focus on the business logic of your application without having to worry about the infrastructure.
  • Support for different programming languages: No need to introduce a new programming language. AWS Lambda allows you to use your favourite language.
  • Integration with other AWS services: AWS-Lambda is the ideal adapter for communication between different software components.

Serverless application according to your needs

We design the architecture of your serverless application for you or analyse your existing solution in order to design the optimal solution based on AWS Lambda Services. In doing so, we always focus on the benefits for users and ensure the performance of the solution in the AWS cloud. As part of the implementation, we work according to agile DevOps principles in order to achieve realisable solutions as quickly as possible.

See example architecture:

Architecture serverless application

Our range of services for successful implementation

  • Migration of monolithic applications:
    We analyse existing applications and use them to design the future-oriented serverless architecture. In doing so, we draw on many years of experience in the development of these systems.
    Architecture design:
    The Woodmark experts know the paradigms of current software architectures in the cloud and build solutions that consistently utilise the cost and performance benefits.
    Event orchestration:
    Successful implementation of architectures based on AWS Lambda requires precise orchestration of the various services within a microservice architecture. Thanks to this approach, we can implement the business logic in a stable and high-performance manner. Our many years of experience enable us to design efficient solutions even in complex systems.


Marco Bruno | Senior Manager / Authorised Officer