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The Data Platform

The Cloudera Enterprise solution simplifies the deployment of Big Data technologies in your enterprise. It is a distributed and scalable storage platform as well as a processing platform based on Apache Hadoop. Mass data can be easily and cost-effectively stored centrally for the entire company. This data can be in structured, semi-structured and unstructured form. Data Scientists can perform cross-functional analyses on this platform and gain new insights from previously unharvested data.

Highlights of Cloudera

  • Scalable system
  • Cost-effective solution for storing mass data
  • Data platform for Data Science

Woodmark services:

  • Architecture and integration into your company
  • Introduction of necessary roles and processes
  • Implementation and operation of Data Lakes

Woodmark has many years of experience in implementing Data Lakes in various industries and companies. We can help in defining the right data architecture including the corresponding roles and processes. This forms the basis for the successful realization of your future use cases.

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