Databricks –
Platform for Cloud-based Analytics & AI

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The solution for Analytics and AI in the Cloud

Databricks offers a state-of-the-art SPARK-based platform for Analytics and AI in the cloud. Woodmark Consulting helps you implement development capabilities at the product level. This allows you to fully refocus on current business challenges thanks to the key concept of unified analytics. Our experts will also introduce you to the benefits and application of advanced features such as Databricks auto-scaling, configuration, and termination.

The extensive Spark ML libraries and integration with popular frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc. makes Databricks the leader among AI platforms. Moreover, the introduction of MLFlow has made managing the machine learning lifecycle easy and productive.

Also learn about the Delta Lake capabilities provided - Woodmark helps you implement more efficient data management with Databricks by enabling ACID transactions, scalable metadata processing, and streaming and batch processing data unification.

Databricks highlights

  • Leading AI Platform
  • Supports Machine Learning
  • Efficient Data Management

Woodmark services:

As a Databricks partner, our Woodmark experts in Cloud Analytics and Artificial Intelligence / AI are at your service.

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