Dremio - the Data Lake Engine for highest performance of your data architecture

It is time for a simpler data architecture

Data Lakes are the foundation for analytics and AI on big data. Dremio makes time-consuming and costly data warehouse and cube workarounds obsolete by combining the data lake engine with data lake storage in the cloud or on-premises. This enables lightning-fast queries directly to the data stored in the data lake.

Dremio’s semantic layer provides metadata for self-service analytics and allows virtual datasets to be derived and created without copying data. Data from disparate sources can be filtered, transformed, merged, and aggregated while complying with security and data governance policies.

Dremio is resource efficient and requires less computing infrastructure compared to typical query engines, reducing cloud costs while increasing performance and flexibility. Dremio as a data lake engine is a core component of the data lakes of many leading Global 2000 companies such as Henkel, TransUnion or Paypal.

Woodmark Services for Dremio

Woodmark is a certified Dremio partner in German-speaking countries. We develop data architectures based on Dremio, which are built on a virtualized DWH layer. This allows you to perform your data analysis and reporting for the business department directly on the data lake without intermediate storage. The architecture is agnostic, can be built on any cloud infrastructure and can also integrate local data sources into the enterprise-wide data view. Dremio is open to different types of data storage and reduces dependency on cloud and database providers.

A data strategy and data architecture that is tailored to your business with minimal redundancies in data storage makes the handling and cost of innovative analytics and AI solutions efficient and cost-effective. Woodmark helps you design, develop, and operate your analytics platform.

Tools we use include

  • Hybrid Architecture
  • Design Thinking

The functionalities of Dremio

  • Data Lake Engine
  • Semantic Layer
  • Metadata
  • Data Governance
  • Performance Engine
  • Visual Engineering

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