Exasol –
the data platform for tomorrow!

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Exasol - fast, scalable and self-optimizing

Forget the limitations and high administration efforts of classic data management systems.

With Exasol you can master all challenges around data analysis. From enterprise data warehousing to accelerating your BI applications to advanced analytics; from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes - Exasol calls itself the fastest in-memory database in the world by combining analytical in-memory technology with column-oriented relational database management.

Highlights of Exasol

  • In-memory data processing
  • Self-optimizing database technology
  • Fastest analytical in-memory database in the world

Woodmark services:

Woodmark supports the embedding of Exasol database technology into your analytics architecture. You will benefit from our expertise in real-time data analysis and visualization - from enterprise data warehousing, to accelerating your classic analytics applications. Out know-how includes modern AI Big Data applications with data volumes ranging from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes. Together with our technology partner Exasol, Woodmark designs and implements future-proof BI & Big Data architectures - for every industry.

Jens Schnettler, Senior Manager

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