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Tableau Embedded

Data Monetization with Tableau Embedded

Monetize your data and create new revenue streams with embedded analytics from Tableau Embedded. Embedded Analytics integrates powerful BI functions directly into your applications and web portals. Tableau Software is easy to customize, integrate and deploy.

Embedded Analytics for customers and partners

Make self-service analytics data and tools easily available to your customers and partners. With embedded analytics, access is available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Updates are automatic and real-time, and the design for external access is flexible to match your product or branding.

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Easy integration of Tableau Analytics

Tableau Analytics integration is possible in

  1. Websites: Embedding dashboards from Tableau Server/Online via HTML code e.g. for blogs.
  2. Custom web portals: Embedding via Javascript API e.g., for business relevant dashboards with unified interface and filters and parameters for internal and external presentations. This also allows you to create custom user interface elements and actions.
  3. External applications: You can also integrate visual analytics into existing enterprise applications, such as Salesforce or Sharepoint, using HTML code, and embed dashboard views into your wiki and mobile apps via free Bootstrap. This allows employees to access data "in the environment they are used to."
  4. End Products: By embedding Tableau into end products, the development team no longer must deal with core features of your product. You already have the gold standard for intuitive visual analytics at product launch. For seamless integration, Tableau's REST API provides fully programmatic control of back-end functionality over HTTP including data source, project, workbook, and user functions. The Javascript API also enables seamless front-end integration.
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Data security and access management

Data security and user access are key to the deployment of embedded analytics. With Tableau Embedded, you flexibly leverage current security protocols and minimize your own development costs.

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With Tableau, you get automatic user identity authentication and verification solutions that integrate with your external authentication system. In terms of data access management, Tableau provides row-level security so that data can only be viewed by users who have the necessary security permissions. Tableau also supports multi-tenancy, ensuring that no matter where you embed your dashboard, end users have access only to the data and visualizations they are authorized to see.

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