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The effortless self-service data preparation tool

Before creating data visualizations, it is often necessary to prepare the data. In the past, this was the task of database specialists and programmers.

Tableau rethought Data Prep with a simple self-service tool for visual and automated data preparation: with Tableau Prep you can prepare, clean, and use your data for analytics by yourself. Tableau Prep also offers a variety of visualizations, giving immediate insights into data conditions and preparation needs prior to analysis in Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Prep connects to local data sources and cloud data sources. Intelligent functions assist in preparing and cleansing of the data. Thanks to the automated processes of self-service data preparation, you can start your analyses even faster. The Tableau Prep application consists of two products: Tableau Prep Builder, part of the Creator license, and Tableau Prep Conductor, part of the Tableau Data Management add-on.

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Tableau Prep Builder

Benefit from the speed and high performance of Tableau Prep Builder for immediate results. Connect to disparate data on the corporate network or in the cloud. Combine and prepare data, whether Excel file or database and without writing a line of code.

With Tableau Prep Builder, you can easily prepare millions of rows of data for further processing.

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The intelligent functions of Tableau Prep Builder support you in this process. For example, with fuzzy clustering, repetitive cleanup tasks can be turned into a cleanup action with one click. With live access to the data, the result of each step is immediately visible to the user.


Tableau Prep Conductor

Tableau Prep Conductor helps you plan and execute your schemes. Data preparation steps usually need to be executed on a regular basis, e.g. for weekly reporting. With Tableau Prep Conductor, the procedures previously created with Tableau Prep Builder are planned centrally in Tableau Server and executed automatically.

Prep Conductor offers a wide range of planning, alerting and management functions. These ensure that clean, reliable data is available to your organization at all times. Prep Conductor integrates fully with the Tableau platform and thus ensures performance and governance of the Tableau Server environment from the data preparation stage.


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With Prep Conductor's centralized management, IT coordinates and monitors self-service data preparation across the organization. IT also creates permissions for data schemas and data sources. This provides an overview of all data sources and centrally managed schemas and facilitates governance and compliance on a large scale.

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