From standard reports and ad-hoc analytics to self-service BI platforms

Data discovery & reporting

A self-service platform is essential to ensure the rapid implementation of reporting requirements and their adaptability. With self-service BI, we enable users to independently create business intelligence content and thus next-generation data discovery and reporting.

Our consultants align your business intelligence system and corporate design according to the principles of the International Business Communication Standard (IBCS) ® by Prof. Hichert.

We also offer BI consolidation, whereby multiple BI contents are transferred into a dynamic and multifunctional BI system. Our Expert know-how extends to data preparation, relational and multidimensional architectures and big data environments (Hadoop), the combination of planning e.g. with Anaplan or IBM TM1 as well as reporting requirements and special topics such as Geo analytics with Tableau.

We offer the full range of optimization of performance reviews, reports on logical models and data mart. Our experts also support your side for the license audit review: We take care of the cost optimization of your licenses!

Our services for data discovery & reporting

With many years of expertise, especially in the areas of finance and manufacturing, we can effectively support you in the following areas, among others:

  • Regulatory reporting
  • Self-service BI
  • Standard reporting
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Self-service analytics
  • Data-Driven Company
  • Data preparation
Topics - Data Discovery & Reporting

Our offering for data discovery & reporting

  • Development of a self-service BI platform e.g. according to reference model: Tableau Blueprint
  • Data discovery workshops and "Doctor Sessions"
  • Conception and implementation of standard reports e.g. according to regulatory requirements
  • Conception and implementation of training courses from beginner to professional level
  • Merging, preparation and cleaning of the data for the technical analysis (data prep)
  • Preparation of geographic data and creation of individual maps based on your own structures
  • Visual analysis and reporting on classic, relational or multidimensional architectures
  • Automation of enterprise reporting processes and increased efficiency, e.g. with IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Data enrichment through the integration of ML algorithms in R and Python
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