AWS Cloud Migration

AWS Partner Cloud Migration

With AWS Cloud Migration, companies can seamlessly migrate their IT infrastructure and applications to the highly scalable and flexible cloud environment of Amazon Web Services. This increases the performance and agility of your business processes. As an expert, Woodmark supports you in migration and modernisation to make your data platforms future-proof.

The advantages of the AWS Cloud at a glance

  • Comprehensive solutions: AWS offers a variety of services and functions to efficiently manage data in the cloud.
  • Costs: With the pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for the resources you actually use.
  • Security: AWS offers a robust security infrastructure with sophisticated encryption methods.
  • Reach: Amazon's global presence enables companies to offer their customers consistent performance anywhere in the world.
  • Innovation: AWS offers a variety of innovative services.
  • Flexibility: Cloud services can be quickly and easily adapted to growing requirements.
  • Scalability: AWS enables the rapid scaling of resources.
  • Reliability: AWS offers high availability and reliability.

AWS offers comprehensive cloud solutions

AWS Comprehensive cloud solutions

AWS offers a wide range of cloud services. These include infrastructure solutions such as computing units, storage and databases as well as advanced technologies in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data lakes. With this diversity, you can migrate your existing applications to the cloud more easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Scalability without risk

AWS Scalability

With the AWS pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the resources you actually use. Usage-based pricing makes it easy to adapt to new business requirements without incurring high financial commitments. With this model, you can align your company according to demand and minimise the risk of providing too much or too little capacity.


Encryption and data protection

AWS Encryption and data protection

The Amazon Cloud is supported by a comprehensive range of over 300 security, compliance and governance services and features. All data is automatically encrypted at a physical level before it leaves Amazon's secure locations. This ensures that your data is transferred and managed in a controlled and encrypted way.

Global cloud infrastructure

AWS global cloud platform

Amazon operates a global cloud platform. This infrastructure provides services in data centers around the world. Whether you want to use this infrastructure to deploy your application workloads globally with one click or to develop and implement specific applications with latency times in the low millisecond range close to the end user.


Revolutionise your business with AWS Lambda and SageMaker

AWS is constantly working to shorten innovation cycles and develop new technologies that can revolutionise your business. One example of this is the introduction of AWS Lambda, a serverless computing service. This service allows developers to run code without having to worry about provisioning or managing servers. In addition, Amazon has developed SageMaker, a fully managed machine learning service that enables developers and IT professionals to benefit from machine learning technologies on a daily basis without the need for extensive prior knowledge in the field.

Marco Bruno | Senior Manager / Authorised Officer