Cloud Migration

Future-ready data platforms

To remain competitive, organisations need to optimise their IT infrastructure in terms of speed, scalability, cost, governance and maintainability. IT departments are under pressure as demands for innovation, organisation and compliance often conflict with existing IT landscapes. Woodmark can help you migrate and modernise your data platforms to make them fit for the future.

Goals and advantages

We recommend professional support for successful, long-term modernisation. Our experts will ensure that your IT is future-proofed so that you can meet new business requirements quickly and easily. In addition to optimising cost, scalability and performance, the objectives include reducing operational costs and cleaning up the platform.

Modern microservice and serverless architectures minimise operational costs while maximising scalability and application reliability. Testing and deployment are automated, agility is increased and monitoring enables rapid action and prompt adaptation to new requirements and changes in the business environment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Fast and cost-effective feasibility study of your cloud project

Want to digitise your department but don't have the cloud expertise? We can translate your requirements into IT, helping you with a feasibility study and testing your use case. This is a quick and cost-effective way to find out if moving to the cloud is worthwhile for you and what you need to consider.

Focus group: Team leaders from the specialist departments, e.g. Finance, Purchasing, HR, Production & Sales

Objective: Gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges of moving to the cloud. Our offering includes a customised feasibility check of your cloud readiness based on a specific business use case. We will also provide you with information on how to modernise and scale in the cloud, an evaluation of the assessment and specific recommendations for your organisation.

Contents and methods

  • Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA): 1.5-day workshop with two Woodmark experts
  • Review of your analytics use case idea of existing realisation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the MRA questions, including identification of urgent challenges and a concrete recommendation for action

During the assessment, we follow the structured AWS approach, which highlights key dimensions of a cloud migration: Business, Governance, Operations, People, Platform and Security.


Our assessment provides you with a detailed report. This not only evaluates the feasibility of your cloud project, but also gives you valuable insights into the next steps and outlines the resources required. We will provide you with specific recommendations on how to integrate your business use case into the cloud.

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Why choose Woodmark?

With 25 years of experience in data, data integration and data platforms, Woodmark's experts can help you develop your cloud strategy and successfully integrate use cases into your existing systems. We work with you to develop tailored solutions based on your requirements. Best of all, by involving decision-makers and end-users at an early stage, we can help you achieve your goals and gain the buy-in required for successful deployment.


Woodmark has many years of experience and a wide range of database projects that have been brought to a successful conclusion through the right combination of migration and modernisation methods. We follow the proven approach of the Migration Acceleration Programme (MAP).

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)


In the Assess phase, we carry out a thorough analysis of your cloud readiness and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Together, we develop TCO calculations as the basis for the Mobilise phase, in which we work out the migration in detail. In addition to proven standard methods, we place particular emphasis on working with you to consider further aspects of modernisation.

In the Migration phase, we implement the planned aspects of the migration, including the switch to managed services, containerisation and serverless architectures. DevOps practices are also implemented.

Modernisation aspects such as modern lakehouse concepts, new modelling paradigms, silo consolidation and the generation of data products using the data mesh approach can also be taken into account. This makes it possible to align your new data platform with future requirements today.

Data analytics in the cloud

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Innovations in the field of data analytics are based on cloud technologies. Keep your finger on the pulse and find out in our free white paper "How to make your IT fit for the future of data analytics".

Data analyses are much more important to companies than they were just a few years ago. The processing of big data requires effective and far-reaching data platforms. With cloud analytics, companies can derive greater added value from their data pools and remain competitive. Utilise the maximum possibilities of data analysis. This allows you to reduce costs, optimise existing processes, enter new markets and reach a wider audience.

Find out more in our free white paper:

•    How data analytics can benefit from cloud computing?

•    What are the advantages of cloud-based analytics platforms?

•    How do I migrate my analytics platform to the cloud?

•    Why should I modernise my data analysis now?

•    How can I migrate databases to the cloud step by step?

•    Why is AWS the ideal platform for data analytics?

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