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Use Case Automation with Alteryx Server

Automate workflows and analytical business processes with Alteryx Server as your central control unit for data analytics. Alteryx Server scales across the enterprise and departments, providing collaboration, administration, and data governance.

Alteryx Server automates recurring processes and accelerates your data analytics. This is done, for example, by publishing results on interactive dashboards, sending them directly to enterprise applications and RPA systems, or outputting them in over 70 formats and applications.

Examples include BI tools, Microsoft Office, XML, PDFs, cloud data services, databases, RPA bots, and web apps with native integration to Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, ThoughtSpot, UiPath RPA, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Google, Adobe, and dozens more.

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Scale across departments

Alteryx Server offers a flexible and scalable architecture. Schedule analytics workflows to automatically deliver results to BI dashboards, enterprise systems, data lakes, RPA systems, office documents, and more.

Deploy Alteryx Server on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid infrastructures to orchestrate your workflows across departments in a scalable manner. All of this takes place within a managed and fault-tolerant enterprise platform.

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Collaboration with Alteryx Server

Alteryx Server provides tools for collaboration. Collaboration includes creating, publishing, and sharing analytical workflows and results across different users and departments. Via a SDK, you can customize Alteryx and connect add-ons, such as new data connectors and automation modules. Easy-to-create extensions give you added flexibility and power.

Search and use existing analytic assets to embed new use cases into your analytics. Alteryx Connect enables rapid identification and enterprise-wide access to relevant reports, dashboards, apps and workflows. This allows you to get maximum value from your analytic assets.

Administration and governance

With Alteryx, you centrally manage user access to data, analytics workflows, and analytics apps. Built-in authentication, a built-in SSO, and granular permissions model enable application at an overall enterprise level. Use the administration portal to track data provenance and view usage reports, audit, data updates, workflows, and user activity. Alteryx provides a flexible and secure architecture that adapts to your organization's governance strategy.



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